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Juliana's journey into learning period hair and wig styling started during her training days at CBMA make up academy for film and TV. Having hairdressing background in hair salons in Brazil helped but it was just an introduction stage of the complex world of period hair and wig styling which requires historic research, dedication and practice loads of practice. Inspired by the classic Hollywood and foreign films from 1910's to 1990's and music history, Juliana's immersed in an extensive research that helped her achieve knowledge of hair shapes and a portfolio of styles that combined with period make up represent fashion and customs of each period with precision and accuracy. Juliana has worked in many film and TV period dramas and have learned from the most respected veterans in the field in the UK. Juliana believes that contantly taking up specialised courses along with practice at work and at home are essential tolls to achieve the necessary skills to master this beautiful and intricate art paramount in film, TV and fashion.

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